Job Keeper 2.0 (Update 1)

JobKeeper 2.0 (Update 1)

The JobKeeper 2.0 Payment scheme has been extended until 28 March 2021, please keep reading for a summary of the key points from the ATO for the extension for business owners and employees:

> changes to JobKeeper payment rates for employees based on the total hours each employee worked during their reference period;
> there will be a tier 1 and a tier 2 JobKeeper payment rate for eligible employees;> requirement for the business to demonstrate a decline in actual GST turnover with a comparable period.

If you are already receiving JobKeeper payments for your eligible employees and/or business participant, you don’t need to re-enrol.

You will need to pay your eligible employees and/or business participant at least the new JobKeeper 2.0 amount that applies to them each JobKeeper fortnight.

From 28 September until 3 January 2021, this will be either:
Tier 1: $1,200 per fortnight (before tax)
Tier 2: $750 per fortnight (before tax).

From 4 January 2021 until 28 March 2021, this will be either:
Tier 1: $1,000 per fortnight (before tax)
Tier 2: $650 per fortnight (before tax).

You’ll need to continue to complete your JobKeeper 2.0 monthly business declaration on time to be reimbursed for payments you made in the previous month. You’ll need to advise the ATO which payment tier you are claiming for each eligible employee and/or business participant in your November monthly business declaration.

You’ll need to determine and submit your decline in turnover for each quarter through the ATO online systems.

Eligible businesses and not-for-profits can enrol at any time until the program closes.

For more information you can visit the ATO website or feel free to contact our office, we will be happy to assist.