Tax Deadlines

A friendly reminder from @superior_business_and_tax about the upcoming key dates for this month #July2020;

5th July > The date that the ATO is expecting to be able to start full processing of 2019-20 tax returns.

14th July > ATO Jobkeeper monthly declaration to report June 2020 current turnover and July 2020 projected turnover due.

16th July > The date the ATO is expecting to start being able to pay refunds from.

21st July > Lodge and pay June 2020 monthly business activity statement.

28th July > Lodge and pay quarter 4, 2019/20 activity statement if lodging by paper.

28th July > Make superannuation guarantee contribution for quarter 4, 2019-20 to Funds by this date. Note if you paid this by 23rd June to be able to claim the tax deduction in the 2019-20 financial year you do not have to pay anything until October 2020 (when the quarter 1, 2020-21 payment is due).

Please ☎️ our office if you would like to discuss any of the outlined deadlines.