Statistics show that many Australians pay more tax than they should. Others have inaccurate tax returns and risk penalties. Don’t be one of them! We help you plan better and enjoy the benefits due to you.



Instead of simply letting the next financial year pass by as usual, why not see how you can enjoy a better year? How? By letting the tax laws work for you.

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Personal Tax

Be honest: with many rules at play, it’s challenging to determine your exact taxable income relevant to your personal circumstances right? This situation is exacerbated by rules on unique scenarios such as your superannuation contributions. 

Did you take everything into account before you submitted your return this year? Or will you have to pay more than you’ve budgeted for?

When you do the proper tax planning, you have a clear perspective on how Australia’s tax laws affect you. Detailed planning will also ensure you apply for all possible tax deduction options you’re eligible for. 

Then you can budget accurately and enjoy the tax benefits optimally. In the long run, these smart decisions can bring peace of mind about your finances and even lead to wealth creation.

Business Tax

You’ll be surprised at how effective tax planning can transform your business. This makes a yearly tax planning process a wise investment for all business owners.

By partnering with professionals you’ll know about all the tax benefits you can claim. Is there an instant asset write off that you’re not aware of? Or perhaps you can benefit both you and your employees by reassessing your fringe benefits. 

An expert can tell you which option is most advantageous, and this can improve your cashflow thanks to less money lost to tax payments.

Investment Done Right

Whether you’re concerned about your personal or business investment portfolio, an expert can help. An informed tax accountant can advise you on how you can restructure your investments in order to lower the amount owed for tax. 

And if it’s the first time you’re making investments, get it right from the start so you can enjoy optimal benefits in the long run. Tax planning should be part of this plan.

Property Tax

If a property is one of your assets, are you aware of how it affects your taxable income? For example, you don’t want an audit to reveal that you didn’t pay the right capital gains tax when you sold a property during the past financial year.

Even restructuring of the ownership of one of your assets could affect your total taxable income. Why not look into this to enjoy maximum tax benefits? Avoid penalties and empower yourself to budget correctly from the moment you think of buying or selling an asset. That’s the power of tax planning.

To enjoy these benefits from now on, partner with experts in the business, so you don’t miss out on any advantages.


While some accountants may simply have the AOT’s best interests at heart, Superior B+T fights for our clients’ benefits. We do a thorough review and help you with income tax planning so the amount of tax you pay is as low as possible, within legal parameters.

We have a team of experts that provide a range of services from consulting to sitting down and calculating the numbers. Our aim is always to benefit you during tax time.




We stay up to date with the latest developments in all facts relating to tax returns. This results in an expert team with the skills to provide financial advice. We help business owners and the general public make smarter decisions and get a tax planning strategy incorporating tax savings; a strategy that really works.


You can trust the feedback we give you because we take pride in the accuracy of our calculations. From super contributions to capital gains tax, we get it right the first time.

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It’s all about helping you enjoy better cash flow thanks to a reduced tax payment. We spare no effort to find all possible tax deductible matters, so that when the tax year ends, you’ll be left smiling.


We believe in making customers feel part of our team. We want to work with you to find the best outcome and reduce your tax. You’re welcome to contact your consultant at any time and our agents respond as quick as they can.

Tax Done Right

The financial freedom you’re after could be closer than you think. Something as simple as your tax payments can impact your personal or business outcome.

We have a team of experts with all the insight your tax planning needs. And we want to help you get it right this year.