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It's hard having all the answers, take the guesswork out of making crucial business decisions.


Every small business grows on the back of sound business decisions. Small business advisory services aid a small business to make such sound decisions, even when the decision-maker lacks the experience or knowledge to make them. Superior Business & Tax business consulting services help take the guesswork out of making crucial business decisions through smart business advisory and consulting services.

Our team of professional business advisors have the skills, qualifications and experience to give you the small business help you need to steer your small business to growth.

As a small business in Western Australia, opportunities are abundant. Opportunities to grow your customer base, reduce your overheads, enter new markets or create new product lines however, opportunities often do not wait for you. That is why having an experienced team of professional business advisors from Superior Business & Tax is so crucial.

Our SME business advice helps you identify and maximize any opportunities available, enabling your business to out maneuver the competition. Small businesses that rely on business advisory services consistently outperform those that do not, so make the right choice to have a business advisor like Superior Business & Tax on hand.


Large businesses have a financial business advisor in the form of a full-time CFO. While small businesses often cannot afford a full-time CFO, bringing on a business advisory service provider like Superior Business & Tax can offer the same benefits as having a full-time CFO. The Superior Business & Tax business consulting services team has financial experts ready to give you sound SME business advice, some of whom have served as full-time CFOs in larger companies.

When you work with us, you can think of it as having an experienced part-time CFO on hand, ready to help you make sound financial decisions.

Financial planning goes beyond balancing the books. Business financial advisory services help you create projections for your business and understand whether it is time to scale up, scale down or sell the business altogether. Most small business owners benefit from having an experienced CFO give them SME business advice on what direction to take as a business while considering all options.

Our business financial advisory services can also help you with due diligence if you are planning to buy another company or merge.


Superior Business & Tax business advisory services also cover tax and accounting areas. For most small business owners, these two areas are often a source of anxiety and frustration and where they benefit most from small business help. Our tax and business advisory services remove this load by helping you find ways to outsource, automate and streamline your tax and accounting processes.

Whether it means assisting with your bookkeeping or acquiring advising on obtaining a better suited accounting software, we will help you make the best decisions for your business.

Our tax and business advisory services will help you come up with tax minimization strategies, capital expenditure requirements, expense mitigation, cost and debt restructuring and others. As a small business owner, you do not need to face these daunting tasks alone. Let Superior Business and Tax accounting and business advisory services steer you throughout your journey of business growth.

As you grow, we will offer you the right business advice for your stage of growth, enabling you to maintain your pace of growth into the future.


Strategic planning requires an experienced hand. However, most small business owners, while experienced in their line of work, may not have the experience needed for strategic planning. Superior Business & Tax small business advisors offer strategic business planning advisory services that help bridge this gap.

Our experienced strategic planners will give you the small business advisory service you need to navigate the challenges that come with growth and a changing business landscape. Through expert advice, you will be able to anticipate and even capitalise on such changes.

Furthermore, we also help you troubleshoot any strategic matters you may be facing. Such issues may include setting up a board for your business and the required board structures, finding investors and raising capital, sale, acquisition or merger options, and any other challenges you may face that are tied to strategic planning.

Through our business consulting services, you will gain clarity and direction on how to run your business, both in times of peaceful growth and in times of tumultuous upheaval – both of which times we shall be right there with you.


As your small business in Western Australia grows, you may need to start loosening your grip on the reins. It is at such times that our business continuity advisory services come in handy. Some of the issues you may face include how to pick your successor, who to select, and what kind of autonomy and control to give them.

Our SME business advice helps you navigate these challenges by helping you use best-practice continuity and succession planning strategies for your business. As you take this next step in your life and the life of your business, we will be on hand to ensure a smooth transition.

Sometimes, business continuity can mean selling off the business, restructuring or merging with a competitor. In such cases, our small business advisors will prepare you and your company for this transition through legacy planning, succession metrics and offsetting the key-man risk most small businesses face.

When you work with us, we will help you make the best decisions both for your business and for yourself, allowing you to transition to the next stage with as little friction as possible.

Operations Small Business Advisory Services

Operations business advisory services support a business’s ability to make sound operational decisions. Some of the areas our small business advisory services cover include:

Personnel Employment and Labour Compliance

We help you comply with employment requirements such as the National Employment Standards and applicable remuneration standards for your industry. You will also benefit from advisory services related to tax and superannuation compliance and workers compensation insurance.

Branding, Marketing and Advertising

Superior Business & Tax business operation advisory services will also help you make the best branding, marketing and advertising decisions. Such decisions include how much to spend on such activities, what the best channels are, and how to leverage your promotional efforts for maximum ROI.

Trademarking and Intellectual Property

Trademark and IP infringements can be catastrophic to a small business. We help you not only protect your IP but also avoid infringing on other people’s IP. Additional advisory services include creating a strong logo and business identity and protecting it through trademarking.

Purchasing and Acquisitions

If you are planning to make capital purchases including equipment, premises or another business, we will help you navigate all the industry, tax and legal options and obligations available to a small business like yours.

Automation and Digital Transformation

Every small business must automate and digitally transform to grow. Our deep experience in the field will prove an asset to your business as you take steps to actualise this. We also offer technical advisory services on how to achieve digital transformation.

Who Can Benefit from Small Business Advisory Services?

Superior Business & Tax business advisory services can benefit any business that requires strategic input from an experienced team of advisors. More specifically, here are some of the common types of business we have seen benefit the most from our small business advice:

Family-Owned Businesses

Single-generation or multi-generational family businesses often face challenges surrounding scaling, financing, and succession planning. We help such companies overcome these challenges and grow into healthy, sustainable businesses.

Solo Business Operator

Solo founders must wear multiple hats as the business grows. Hiring personnel to take on some of these roles as well as creating structures to support additional staff can be tough. We help smooth this process, so everyone keeps working efficiently and effectively.

Franchise Businesses

Most new franchise owners who are starting a business struggle to create a sustainable business through robust structures. Our strategic business advisory services serve such founders well, helping them establish their franchise business and expand with new franchises into new markets.


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