Self-Managed Super Funds: Establishment

Enjoy more control and flexibility with your retirement funds.


Yes, you can enjoy more control and flexibility with your retirement funds, with the least amount of effort. If you’re thinking of having a managed superannuation fund, our establishment packages will help you through each step and with financial services and advice, we help you make the best decisions throughout the process.


Not sure yet if SMSF is for you? With a managed super fund you enjoy:

  • More control over the investment strategy of your fund. When done correctly, this can result in a bigger nest egg than you imagine.
  • With the estate planning of a managed superannuation fund SMSF you have more flexibility.
  • There are multiple tax benefits when running an SMSF.
  • Now that you know why managed super funds are so popular, let’s discuss your SMSF establishment. Our package includes all you need for the SMSF setup and we’re with you every step of the way.


Any activity that relates to your retirement requires careful consideration. Before establishing an SMSF, consider the following:

What Trustee Structure is Best?

You can decide between having a corporate trustee structure or having individual trustees.

With the corporate trustee structure, each member is seen as a director. Members enjoy limited liability but record keeping can be more difficult and there are additional setup costs involved.

An individual trustee structure has the benefit of being cheaper and easier to set up but you may not want the responsibility of all the legal issues of the trust. Also, note that there must be a minimum of two individual trustees. The SMSF trust deed must contain the details of responsibilities and power issued to each individual trustee.

Do You Understand the Tax Implications?

Tax benefits prompt many to consider a managed fund SMSF and with good reason. But it can be challenging to get it right without the help of a financial adviser or an accounting firm. Make sure you have the appropriate resources to optimise your tax returns.

Are You Compliant?

SMSF administration comes with many responsibilities as set out by the Superannuation Industry Supervision Act. Seek out financial advice before setting up a self managed superannuation fund SMSF, so you aren’t caught unawares later on.

Who Will be Your Annual SMSF Auditor?

One thing you can do even before you SMSF establishment is to acquire an auditor for your managed fund SMSF. You’ll need these services each year during tax season.

Who Will Make Fund Applications?

Do all parties understand their roles? It’s smart to discuss your plan to the finest detail before your SMSF establishment, so there aren’t any disputes later on. You must know who will handle the annual responsibilities, such as the audit as well as who will take up the task of applying for your ABN, TFN and SMSF bank account.

When you’re ready, or if you need advice general in nature to set your mind at rest, talk to our team.

SMSF General Information

You can download the entire package, work through the information and use the online application services for some tasks. Depending on where you are in your process, some fields will pre populate, streamlining your SMSF establishment tasks.

Our team will be available for support whenever you need it. If you need advice or you’re not sure what information to fill in on forms, we’re only an email away.


It’s our passion to see our clients thrive in every way possible. That’s why we see financial planning and advice as part of our SMSF establishment package. You may have a question about the best trustee structure you need to set out in your trust deed or how to fill out your TBN application form. We’re here for you all the way.


No matter what your level of experience with managing a fund SMSF, you can do it if you have the right team to partner with. With us, you don’t even have to do all the paperwork yourself. We can perform certain tasks on your behalf, such as applying for your fund’s TFN. You simply need to complete the necessary disclosure forms and we’ll take over.

Ongoing Services

We can help you throughout the process of managing your existing super fund too. When you’re considering making changes or you’re not sure about which investment options to consider, we can help you restructure, make forecasts and determine the best way forward.

We have market experts on team that help multiple clients manage their financial planning each year. By partnering with pros you give yourself the best possible chance of building up a proper nest egg.


Law requires managed super funds trustees to request an audit each year. This must happen at least 45 days before you need to submit your tax return. We have registered accountants on our team that can perform a full audit, making sure you stay compliant.


At Superior Business + Tax we always think long term, because we want the best for our clients now, but also in future. That’s why, for everything relating to a managed super fund, talk to us.


Everything you need to get your managed super fund up and running is included in the Superior B+T SMSF Establishment package, such as:

  • A trust deed
  • An application form for members, as well as forms for applying for TFN, ABN and more
  • Guideline for minute taking
  • Applications for members
  • Industry information such as the latest tax laws


Have some questions? Here are a few commonly asked Q & A's:

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