Investment Property Tax

Your investment property should be a benefit, not a burden.


Struggling to get it right? All you need is an understanding of the guidelines to use tax deductions to your advantage. Our experts will help you achieve this goal so you can smile when tax time comes around.


Having an additional revenue stream in the form of rental income is an attractive idea. Just remember, you’ll be paying tax on all cleared income you received in the form of rental payments, during the past financial year.

The good news is that you can claim deductions on your tax return for many aspects of your rental property management.

Get the Benefits Due to You

There are many reasons to give a little more attention to your tax return this year. Apart from protecting your investment, make sure you’re not missing out on some welcome tax benefits other property managers are enjoying.

What Happens if You Get it Wrong?

Submitting a 100% accurate tax return is challenging. Even experienced property investors need help from the pros. Unfortunately, the ATO (Australian taxation office) doesn’t look kindly on inaccurate submissions.

Their website clearly states that if you feel you don’t have enough information, you need to speak to them or a professional.

If an audit shows you’ve neglected to make payments or lodged incorrect tax returns, you face consequences. This can be penalty payments or even imprisonment in extreme cases.

This shows the value of asking for assistance with your investment property tax submission.


You can see the importance of being proactive when it comes to determining your property tax for the past 12 months. Have you considered these questions in order to calculate the correct taxable income?

When can You Claim Deductions?

There are some strict guidelines—and intricate details—relating to when tax deductions will apply to your case. For example:

You must have proof that there are tenants living in your investment property, or that it’s available to rent.

You may be eligible for tax advantages if the original construction or an extension to the property took place after July 1985.

You can include interest on your home loan as a reason for deductions, if you have proof that the amount is being utilized in your investment projects.

What can You Claim Deductions for?

Knowing how to claim deductions—and which tax benefits apply to you—is one of the biggest challenges for property investors. The list includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Maintenance costs: pest control, gardening, cleaning, repairs
  • Management fees: payments to agents, commission, legal fees
  • General expenses: water charges, insurance
  • Industry related expenses: marketing, renovations to your property

Can you already see expenses you can claim deductions for in the coming tax season?

What About Depreciation?

There is a possibility that you can claim depreciation deductions on a rental property. This can apply to a range of features, from your carpets to the fittings and even wear & tear of electrical assets.

I’m Not Making Profit. What Now?

If you own an investment property you unfortunately have no guarantee that you’ll enjoy an immediate improvement to your cashflow.

The cost of repaying the home loan that helped you buy the property in the first place may be more than the rental income for the financial year.

Or perhaps your repair costs were unnaturally high over the last 12 months and now you’re not showing any profit.

This scenario is referred to as negative gearing and it can make you eligible for certain tax benefits. You can deduct this loss from the amount representing your gross income.

Now your tax payments will be lower. Even though you don’t enjoy the benefit of healthy cashflow yet, if your property increases in value over time, this asset gain will cover the loss in the long term.

Are There Still Tax Issues if I’m Selling my Investment Property?

Each aspect of having an investment property comes with tax responsibilities; from the day you apply for home loans to when you put the asset back on the property market. When the day comes that you’re selling your property, remember that you may have to pay capital gains tax CGT if the selling price is higher than the amount your initially paid.


Looking at all these rules, you’re bound to feel overwhelmed. After all, you don’t want to risk any of the following:

You don’t want to make a mistake and incur penalties from the Australian taxation office

There’s a risk of not realizing all the tax deductions you’re eligible for; you’ll be paying much more income tax than necessary

You’ll waste a lot of time and effort finding all the possible deductions you can claim

Luckily, there are tax accountants that know how to get it exactly right. So, are you ready to partner with a team that can help you make the most of your investment?


With Superior B+T you get the type of service you need and we’re here for the long haul.

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We help you with the entire procedure, from buying to managing and even selling your property. Let’s help you discern when the best time is to sell.

We’ll calculate Capital Gains Tax, while helping you benefit from as many deduction options as the law allows.

When it comes to property, we’re with you every step of the way.


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