With each of our clients, your wellbeing is our top priority. We can do an SMSF audit, make sure you are in compliance and help you improve your strategy to enjoy the best results with your retirement funds in the long run. Your complete SMSF partner is waiting to assist.


During SMSF audits, a registered agent must work through financial records and other documentation of the trust. An approved SMSF auditor needs to look at the details of your trust, such as the financial statements, changes over the past year, member contributions, accuracy of records and more. All must be compliant before you submit your tax return.


Having an SMSF is an excellent way to get peace of mind about your retirement days. You probably enjoy the idea of having more control over your money, rather than leaving it to others to manage. But this privilege comes with many responsibilities and the Superannuation Industry Supervision Act sets out strict guidelines about how any superannuation fund should be managed.

One responsibility is to ensure your fund stays compliant with all the relevant SMSF rules, such as the ones the Australian Tax Office issues. These guidelines change from time to time, so confirming compliance is an ongoing process throughout the lifespan of your trust.



You Have an Annual Obligation

A financial and compliance audit is a yearly requirement. For anyone with a managed superannuation fund, this is an activity you need to put into your planning from the start. Make sure you have the capital available to cover the audit fees. At Superior B+T we offer low rates matched with excellent service.

You Need to Book it Early

You may leave your tax responsibilities to the last minute, but with a managed super fund you need to plan well in advance. Don’t wait until 30 June draws close before you start planning for the annual auditing. The appointment of your auditor must happen at least 45 days before your SMSF annual return must be submitted to the ATO. So, why not appoint one long before the end of the financial year, so you have peace of mind that all will be done in time.

To Audit SMSFs Affect Your Retirement

Don’t look at SMSF audits as just another expense for your trust. An audit is actually an ideal time to optimise your funds, especially if you work with the right SMSF auditors. Pick auditors specialising in SMSF audit services but who also go the extra mile of considering you throughout the process. Apart from checking for compliance, do they have advice on how to optimise the fund going forward? That’s what Superior B+T offers you with your annual auditing process, because your future maters.

Am SMSF is Worth it

When you think of the effort going into finding an audit firm and having so much responsibility surrounding your tax return each year, you could start doubting whether an SMSF is worth it.

YES! It is.

From having more control and flexibility to enjoying multiple tax benefits, applying for registration for your SMSF is one of the smartest things you can do for your retirement. And for audits as well as financial advice, Superior B+T is here to assist.



When you’re planning your retirement, every decision matters. Here’s why Superior B+T is the best partner for your financial and compliance audit.

Quick, Efficient Service

Our experienced team will make swift work of your audit, so you’ll have feedback within days. No need to worry that 30 June will arrive and you won’t be able to file that tax return. We’ll keep you posted throughout the process and work with you to ensure compliance on all fronts.

Approved Agents

As SMSF trustees you can rest assured that registered SMSF auditors will work on your case. They have the skills, experience and certification to get the job done right.

The Superior B+T team maintains an excellent reputation for quality work, done by CAs that are leaders in their field. We also liaise with the ATO and quality assurance is a top priority.


We Offer MORE than an Audit

To us it’s not only about finalising SMSF audits and moving onto another client. Rather, an audit is part of a cycle of actions, all focused on helping you make the most of your managed superannuation funds SMSF throughout your life.

Talk to our SMSF auditors and other team members about ways you can optimise investments, restructure the trust and make better decisions in the coming years. For example, perhaps you have more tax deduction opportunities you didn’t know about. Our experts know exactly how to make tax benefits work for you and we’re up to date with the latest changes the ATO issued.

Assistance When and Where You Need it

To us, working with you is a partnership. We want to be there for you every step of the way. If SMSF trustees have questions, talk to us. Our team is available via phone or email, throughout the week.

Trustworthy Team

All your data is kept safe on our servers that have the latest cyber security protection. We don’t share your information with third parties and all our agents are trustworthy individuals with excellent reputations in the industry.

Let’s Get SMSF Sorted so You Can Get Back to Life

It can be stressful working on your plans for the future because it comes with so much responsibility. We want to make trust management a little easier for you by taking care of your SMSF audits. We offer affordable rates and throughout the process we’ll have your best interests at heart.

Need some advice about optimising your fund in future? Our experts can help with that too.

So, let’s get this sorted!